Here is the news from Biddulph Bowling & Recreational Club....

Hi Members

We know these are trying times but it looks like we might loose an outdoor season. We are using volunteer's to maintain the pavilion and green and Paul Febery and Bill Jolley are keeping the place "ship shape" and the Committee are in frequent contact with one another about our financial situation and other members health. We can report that the green looks good and will be ready to play on as soon as the restrictions are lifted, but we may find a different set of rules kick in regarding social distancing particularly for the age group that Crown Green Bowls or Short Mat Bowls attracts. We just hope you will all KEEP SAFE and look forward to social and competitive bowling as soon as it is possible.We will announce our Club's situation  on the 11th May 2020 as to a decision on opening the Green.  

We are grateful to our local council supporters: