Here is the news from Biddulph Bowling & Recreational Club....

Panel Bowling was again held at the Club's Congleton Road Crown Green Bowling Green on Thursday 10th September, where 16 players, some of the best of the area, came out to compete against each other.

Bowlers are invited by Lee Brown, who runs the annual competition and it involves some 20 bowlers, split into 2 groups of 10, who compete against each other to score the most chalks (or points) as possible. 25 ends are played in total with every 5th end becoming a "Power", scoring 2 chalks instead of the usual 1. The top 4 bowlers from each group then go into a Super Eight, when they all play each other with the winner receiving a substantial monetary prize. More Panel Bowling matches will take place at the Club and for more information, please contact Danny Sutton on 07748 863440.

Scores: Josh Towney 20 v Lee Brown 17; Matt Hill 19 v Kerry Morris 16; Neil Wright 12 v Any Booth 28; Andy Ferris 15 v Sam Millward 24; Craig Podmore 17 v Gary Owen 24; Chris Cooper 21 v Andy Ferris 17; Andy Booth 17 v Sam Millward 21 and Kerry Morris 15 v Chris Kearns 20.

We are grateful to our local council supporters: